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APT is Southern Africa’s leading presenter of preparation courses for the SAICA, ICAN and ICAZ APC. Since 2014 when the APC was first introduced by SAICA, approximately 80% of all candidates have chosen the APT Programme and 31 honours roll candidates were APT candidates.

APT has operated successfully in this market for 20 years, nationally and in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

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Welcome to the official launch of the AccTech Institute!

The AccTech Institute has been formed in order to create educational Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content for chartered accountants regarding the effect that rapidly advancing technologies will have on the accounting profession.

The exponential nature of today’s technology developments means that accounting standards and regulators are hard pressed to keep up. We have entered a new era where the accounting community will need to become thought leaders in order to accurately account for the effect of technology on the financial statements of tomorrow.

The AccTech Institute is creating the most up-to-date content on the impact of disruptive and exponentials technologies on the accounting and auditing profession. Our courses will cover the correct accounting treatment of technologies such as: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning and A.I., Internet of Things and many more.

Course 1: Go Insure Case Study

The first course covers the application of blockchain in the insurance industry. In this module, you are presented with a case study, providing industry and company context, as well as the applicable problem that needs to be solved. You are asked for various applications and opinions on the material provided, specifically the accounting and external reporting implications.

There are also additional learning materials provided. As part of the course, the relevant expert on blockchain technology in South Africa will provide an introduction to blockchain and its application via podcast. The case study has been formulated and written by Accounting Professional Training Experts.

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