Auditing Specialist Course




Our 2014 APC Programme has been accredited by SAICA.

From 2014, both the IRBA PPE Examination and the SAICA Part II Examination will be replaced by the new SAICA Competence Based APC Examination.

Our programme will run from late April through to mid November 2014.

We plan to present a series of one-day workshops for our Online students in Worcester, George, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Rustenburg, Kimberley.

Please note that we have a new website dedicated to the APT APC Programme


Auditing Specialist Course



The Final ("Supplementary") PPE Examination in November 2014 may be written only by the following candidates who fall into the below groups (All candidates must have passed Part I – SAICA’S Part I Qualifying Examination/ITC):

  1. Those who completed and passed APT between 2009 – 2013 and failed the 2013 PPE, or who were eligible to write in 2013 but were not able to do so owing to circumstances. For these candidates the APT Course is recommended.
  2. Those who passed APT in 2013 but withdrew from APT as they had failed the ITC. These candidates are required to complete APT if they pass the 2014 ITC and, on registration for APT, would become liable for the balance (50%) of their 2013 APT Fees.
  3. Those who failed the APT Supplementary Examination in 2013. These candidates are obliged to complete APT if they have already passed the ITC or pass the 2014 ITC. They would be liable for the full 2014 APT Auditing Fee.
  4. Those who were eligible to write the PPE in 2013 but are not eligible to write in 2014 because their Specialist Course Certificate has expired. These candidates are obliged to complete APT.
    They would be liable for the full 2014 APT Auditing Fee.

The second, third and fourth groups would be required to pass the APT 2014 Auditing Assessment Examinations.

The APT Auditing Course runs from May 2014 until November 2014.


CPD Course



Three online CPD Modules are included in our Professional Competence Development Programme designed to prepare candidates for the SAICA Assessment of Professional Competence Examination in November

Our CPD Modules are now open to any Accounting Professional at no charge

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